Monday, February 12, 2007

Fat @$$ Macaroni and Cheese

This artery clogging conglomeration of delectability comes from Patti LaBelle's Cookbook. She calls it "Over The Rainbow Macaroni and Cheese". This beastie has 5 different kinds of cheese, half and half, and a stick of butter. I decided to save my points (yes I'm doing weight watchers) for this meal and I would do it again in a heartbeat...If I could be sure my heart would keep beating with all the fatty goodness cutting off bloodflow to and from my heart. =)

It is creamy - it has a crunchy topping - it lives up to everything that the Blue Box lets you down on. At around the same prep time I'd say to heck with the blues - get yourself an entire rainbow from Patti and you'll find yourself wanting to hunt her down to hug her.

4.5 out of 5

I might add some breadcrumbs to the top for some extra crunch - if I did anything.


Mister Vandemar said...

Patti LaBelle can call this dish whatever she likes; I call it "Highly Viscous Cheese Slurry". I'm guessing that this mac and cheese played a role in landing LaBelle her endorsement deal for blood glucose monitoring systems for diabetics. That said, it tasted wonderful. It was very cheesy and flavorful, and the crust on top was excellent. If I was going to have this again, I think that it would taste great with broccoli florets, or with some bacon.

fat little pug said...

Mmmm...florets. That looks delicious. I would also demand that you post recipes somewhere. I demand it!!!!!

Martney said...

Oh my god that was so fabu!! I would not change a thing, although now that you mention it, bacon does sound rather tasty. I am off to lunch on that note! Brat, you must make more SOON!

Bratsky said...

Bacon does sound damn good.... I will not put in the little hotdogs though. Oh HELL no!

Anonymous said...

Do you know how many ww points it's worth?