Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My boyfriend, is a sock rocker!

YAY!!! Josh is the bestest boyfriend in all the land!!! Look at the wonderful present he got for me for beginning Culinary School!!!

Before... loverly vintage 70's avocado green.... Wonderful and faithful, but missing something....


If you want to trick out your KitchenAid Mixer, head over here

and visit the nice people at They have all kinds of wonderful decals to put on your mixer. =) You can find the perfect set of flames to go with your mixer. You will experience pure joy!

Thank you Josh, thank you!!! This is the best present EVER!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah. I totally rock.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! You pimped your mixer!!

Groovy =)

Bad Home Cook said...

That's pretty bitchin', as we say out here in Cali. Your BF obviously gives great gift!