Sunday, February 10, 2008

Accidents will happen

Accidents sometime happen...  like your chocolate cupcake recipe says I totally bizarre oven temperature and even though you think it sounds weird, you do it any way because hey it's in print....
so you end up with one gigantic cupcake...
but that's ok, because you can save all that cake for some random experiment...  (cuz hey the cake still tastes really good... and then you save some vanilla cake from some cupcakes you needed to fill with stuff.  YAY Mixed Bag of Cake!

And then let's say you work for a really long time on a post, only 
to realize you posted it on the wrong blog.  That's ok... no one judges you.
The post is still there.  I'm not moving it!  Take that!

On a very awesome note your friend made some very tasty cupcakes and let you eat two of them.  TWO!  And then she even entrusted you to bring the cupcake home so your boyfriend could have one.  (It almost didn't make it.)  But here they be in all their delicious glory!

WOOHOO!!!!  These were so good - I don't lie about baked goods, ever.  Make em again!!!

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Norma Shineynickels said...

I thought I hadn't read this post, but i did! See, I love you. And I like your bag of cake.