Monday, May 5, 2008

Ketchup! Or, things you didn't get to eat....

Hey there!  
Things have been oh so busy with school that there have been a lot of recipes and photos I never got the chance to blog about.  Crud.  So, here's a really quick version

You missed out on
Marhsall Field's Chicken Pot pie
Gale Gand's Thimble Cookies

(Those were actually supposed to be cut out using a thimble... but I don't have a thimble, so it was the fat end of a pastry tip)

Middle Class Brioche from "The Breadbaker's Apprentice"  - Thanks Groovy for the book!!!

Caramel Cake

I can't even remember where that came from now...  crud.  It was good though!

There were sticky toffee pudding cupcakes from "Demolition Desserts" by Elizabeth Faulkner, and even better it was cupcakes with Kate time!!!  

Here's Kate!  (With Ninja bandage and also near some leftover cupcakes!)
And here are the delightful, date-filled cupcakes.....  oh the goodness.  =)  I will make those again, oh yes!

You also missed some fashion-based cookies...  (Seriously, you've missed a lot... where have you been?!?!)

Other than that, not much was missed... oh wait... I will have to add another post for everything we've done in school so far.  That's up next!

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